I’m Back

Once upon a time I had a blog called The Gina Channel – a riff off my working in TV. I loved connecting to my friends and the greater writing industry with my posts. Then one day I experienced one of the nastier aspects of the internet here and that started me moving away. I was leaving anyway. The convenience and popularity of Facebook seemed to be drawing the entire romance writing community to it. My family and friends were all collecting there. I was finding people I hadn’t seen in years including friends I’d lost–making new friends, too, while connecting to many amazing communities. 

My blog became derelict. Nobody noticed when my website went down for over a year taking my blog with it. In the meantime, Facebook has come to dominate and influence us to such an extent that many of us are questioning our involvement and dependence on social media as well as its power over our lives. On FB, I vacillate between posting pictures of my cats and links to newspaper articles with great exhortations and expostulations. But sometimes I want to say something and go on for a bit. Sometimes I want to connect with my readers (are any of you still out there?) and sometimes I just want to shout (or maybe sing) into the wind. So I’m returning to my former bully pulpit. My intentions are to post at least once a month, but I’m likely to post randomly at irregular intervals.

Stay tuned…